4 great tips from Kevin Bartley at OnSIP Hosted VoIP - when your boss needs a little convincing on VoIP

The end of 2015 is fast approaching and your business is looking to cut costs and possibly use the budget spend for 2016  in more effective ways… and rightly so! With that said, it is no secret that been giving a task of recommending cost saving solutions that will save your business money is a big responsibility and when you’re tasked with recommending a new phone system for your boss, this is certainly no different. It is definitely a job you want to get right.

With so many qualified hosted PBX phone systems, it may seem like a no brainer that Hosted VoIP is the way to go. But when your boss needs a little convincing, here are some key points to bring up.


Who doesn’t like to save money? Crunch the numbers and give your boss a concrete bill analysis from IP Telecom of how your top hosted PBX pick will save your business cash.

Hosted VoIP can be significantly cheaper than other business phone systems, especially in the initial stages of a business’s lifespan. The upfront capital expenditure for on-premise or landline phone systems – buying the physical hardware and routing the lines – is an out of pocket expense that IP Telecom hosted PBX users simply do not deal with.

Once a hosted PBX service is up and running, a business can forgo the expensive on-premise hardware, cut back on IT manpower, and easily add new lines without having to call the phone company. And if you’ve done your homework, you’ve probably found a hosted PBX that makes the actual phone bill cheaper as well. It’s a win-win cost wise.

Room for Growth:

It’s a pain to have to call the phone company every time a new employee arrives in the office place. Tell your boss that growing your business is easier with a hosted PBX.

All you need to add a phone to your hosted PBX is an ethernet cord and an IP phone. Phones can be added or removed via an admin webpage designed for non-experts. This is especially important for start-ups and other growth-heavy companies.

Expanding Business With New Features:

Show your boss how a hosted PBX can help you can connect with customers in new ways

Perhaps your old phone system is keeping you stuck in a certain way of doing business. Show your boss how the latest hosted PBX features can benefit your company in new ways.

On today’s market, advanced features such as CRM integration, third party interops, and instant video calls can greatly enhance the way you interact with customers on a daily basis.

More Customization:

Total customization allows your boss to cut out the middleman when upgrading the phone system 

It’s important to have control over every way your business operates. Demonstrate to your boss how a hosted PBX allows you to manage your phone system the way you want to. And existing features like HD voice enhances intra-office communication.

Every aspect of a hosted PBX system is controlled from the admin webpage. Deployment of resources is left up to you. With pay-as-you-go models, you can pick and choose what features you need for your business. Again, it comes back to not having to deal with middlemen to set up your system. This saves your boss time and money.

Why Now?

Make your boss see the urgency of the issue. With each passing month, your company is draining funding, wasting personnel hours, decreasing efficiency, and losing out on key features that can help expand your business.

Your company might be losing on all fronts when it comes to its phone system, and your boss just needs a few good reasons to consider a hosted PBX. If you get the job done right, your boss will trust your judgment and hand you bigger projects. Use these tips to convince him or her to take a look at hosted PBX.

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