Phone systems that let you answer calls and switch them between different individuals on multiple lines were a revolution in business calling… 20 years ago. Now that businesses are growing rapidly, the market is expanding, and customers expect better and better service, your classic PBX phone system just isn’t good enough anymore.

If you’ve experienced any of these common struggles of business calling, then it’s time to try VoIP:

I feel trapped at my desk

If you don’t spend your whole day at your desk, why should that be the only place you an answer the phone? Traditional landlines and other phones only let you answer one line at one place, but VoIP gives you an alternative.

Our call centre can’t keep up

Long queues, switching between too many lines, and having to put callers on hold is the fastest way to lose customers over the phone. With Hosted PBX, cut down your waitimes and keep customers happy with a fully optimised business phone system.

My customers expect better

Callers expect to be able to reach the person they’re looking for and get the answers they need in a single quick, convenient phone call. If you worry about calls getting disconnected, have to tell customers to call back a different number, or have trouble keeping records then you could do better with VoIP.

I spend too much time keeping in touch

You have a serious job with a lot of different responsibilities. Sometimes, though, keeping up with your businesses’ constant stream of phone calls, emails and other communications can seem like the most time consuming. Cut your communications time by 20% or more with an efficient business VoIP system.

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