Hosted Phone Solution and Partnership

Posted by IPTelecom-Team on Jan 28, 2021 7:20:37 AM

Topics: enterprise voip, cloud voip, VoIP for Business Ireland

The Solution

IPT Hosted Phone
IPT for Teams
When SME IT services provider became a customer of IP Telecom they liked the solution so much they began to resell the product to their customer base. Now an IP Telecom partner, have expanded their product portfolio, opened new revenue streams and provide voice solutions for their customers 

The Results

New Revenue Streams
Cloud-based Phone System
New customer solutions
Solutions for customers

"As an IT provider you don't really need to be a specialist telecoms provider anymore, voice solutions can just be another part of, and compliment, your IT network. Providing a voice solution is part of an IT strategy now. That's really the key point that we’re trying to get across to our customer base nowadays.”

David Flood Senior Business Development Consultant

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