IP Telecom SIP Trunks carry no set up fee and are quick and easy to switch on

SIP Trunking Outlined:

SIP Trunking (Session Initiation Protocol) is the virtual equivalent of a traditional business phone line – a SIP trunk is a virtual connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), utilising your internet connection. The term “trunking” itself dates back to the original days of telephone service. A trunk was a shared communication path for a large number of telephone users. SIP itself is one of the specific protocols that enable VoIP services to work. While traditional phones use physical lines and circuits to connect to the PSTN, a SIP trunk replaces the physical connections with virtual connections over your existing IP networks. Because information is transmitted through the internet and not landline telephone lines, SIP integrates voice, video data and internet services into one single line.

With the invention of VoIP and PBX, voice communications were no longer restricted to traditional circuits and landline phones. Instead through SIP, a signaling language designed to carry data like voice, video and instant messaging, we can utilise the internet to highly cut down on the cost and rigidity of older phone systems.

How SIP Trunking Works:

SIP trunking delivers your telephone and Unified Communications services over an existing IP network, and replaces your traditional telephone lines. Through a SIP trunk, VoIP users can make calls directly to any phone on the PSTN without telephone lines by connecting to a compatible hosted PBX system.

The only three necessary elements to operate a SIP trunk are the SIP Provider that supplies the services, a phone system that has a trunk side to enable SIP, and a border element to facilitate the connection between your enterprise network and the PSTN or an external IP carrier network. These border elements can be a firewall or switch, and are usually managed by your SIP Trunking provider. With only these three simple elements any business can vastly boost its telecommunications reach. A pre existing IP-PBX installed will only make the process even easier.

Getting started:

All SIP calls are local calls. SIP Services are offered by business VoIP providers such as IP Telecom for both small and large application, offer a cost effective way for small businesses to maintain the professional presence – and for large companies to maintain a local presence.

You can expect some of the following by choosing IP Telecom as your SIP Trunk Provider.

  • Save Money - Eliminate BRI and PRI subscription costs
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Improved Security with signaling encryption
  • Keep existing numbers
  • Reduce local and international call rates
  • Cancel costly ISDN lines
  • Integrate with your existing Phone System
  • Use your existing Caller ID with no monthly fee
  • Fully SIP compliant
  • Monthly Billing – pay as you use

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