"Partnership between IP Telecom and Radius Technologies is a reflection of where both companies believe the Voice over Internet Protocol industry is going in this country".

Radius Technologies move to IP Telecom in a three year wholesale deal worth €1.5 million

IP Telecom, a Dublin based company which offers first class telephony solutions to companies in Ireland and across the world via its own VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) network, has signed a wholesale deal with Radius Technologies, an IT company with offices in Waterford, Dublin and Carlow.

The deal, worth €1.5 million over three years, sees IP Telecom provide Radius Technologies with wholesale voice traffic, SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX platforms.

IP Telecom, which was founded in 2010, is Ireland’s dedicated VoIP provider for SME and Enterprise customers, offering both Hosted PBX and SIP Trunk solutions. With over 20,000 network end points across thousands of businesses in Ireland, IP Telecom has invested significantly in developing its own cloud based telephone system to ensure it can provide excellent call quality, customer service and technical consultancy. Products and services are delivered through regional channel partners as well as direct from IP Telecom.

Radius Technologies, founded over 20 years ago, is one of Ireland’s leading unified communications companies with an established IT client base. IP Telecom will provide Radius with a full suite of services, including number portability and international reach. 

This partnership with Radius Technologies is a further indication of the direction IP Telecom are taking, as the SME and Enterprise VoIP market continues to grow at a rapid pace with broadband reaching more and more businesses nationwide.

IP Telecom has accomplished considerable growth during 2016, with a substantial part of their expansion resulting from strategic partnerships and through wholesale deals with other companies. 

Shena Brien, CEO of IP Telecom, says:

"We’re delighted that Radius Technologies have chosen IP Telecom to provide their VoIP infrastructure. More and more companies are moving to IP Telecom as they see the high quality service and good value for money we deliver our customers. We look forward to working with Radius Technologies in 2017 and strengthening the SME and Enterprise VOIP structures for customers, helping them to save money on their telephony costs."

Jerry Buckley, Managing Director of Radius Technologies, says:

"Partnership between IP Telecom and Radius Technologies is a reflection of where both companies believe the Voice over Internet Protocol industry is going in this country. We made the decision to change provider as we need to move quickly to service our customers’ demands. The benefits and savings associated with VoIP are becoming well known in the business world resulting in large migration towards VoIP. The savings and technology benefits are massive and companies don't just want it - they absolutely need to have it!”

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