From natural disasters to hacking and denial of service there’s a lot of issues that can impact a business. Your phone calls shouldn’t be a casualty, once you have a plan in place.

The recent scare surrounding the potential exposure of an employee at the Irish office of the global recruitment firm Indeed to the Coronavirus and the closure of a second level school in Dublin to the same threat highlighted how potentially we are every day exposed to threats to our work environment.

But coping with the unexpected is not just for globally connected behemoths like Indeed, nor is the global concerns around scary viruses like COVID 19 what we should be catering for. How your business can cope with Winter storms like Storm Dennis or the recent Storm Jorge is also something of a concern to many Irish businesses.

Phone lines are always of concern to businesses – what happens when you can’t get to the office or your business premises is cut off is a major issue. Can your business continue with a continuity plan in that environment?

That’s where VoIP based solutions like our Hosted PBX products come into their own.

With VoIP (Voice over IP), Irish businesses can use continuity plans (Disaster Recovery or DR as it’s known in telecoms) to instantaneously reroute calls so that the business can continue to function no matter what the occurrence is. Calls can be forwarded to an external location, an alternative office, a mobile or even to your home phone number – and because its cloud hosted you can update the PBX anytime anywhere or have the system automatically apply a cross business DR.

So what do you need when it comes to a DR

  1. Plan: the old adage of fail to prepare, prepare to fail applies – so make sure you have planned out how the plan will be activated
  2. Create a ‘in case of’ profile on your hosted phone system this acts as the fallover that you can activate - anytime anywhere
  3. Make sure everyone is aware of and onboard with the plan – so that when the plan is implemented your colleagues are prepared

But if your company utilises Microsoft Teams or has recently moved to Office 365, then our Telecoms for Teams integration will automatically route calls to your deskphone, laptop and mobile app – allowing your business to continue to collaborate fully when offsite and take calls no matter where you are.

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